release date: 13 july 2021
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This weeks sonic offering is built from recordings made with the Apple iOS app RodeRec from the Australian audio tech company Rode, makers of many excellent microphone types and other audio production gear.

I started using the RodeRec app soon after its release in 2013, loaded onto an iPhone 4, and it’s been on all my subsequent iPhones.

It’s promoted as a field recording app and that’s how I’ve used it, to capture recordings of moments of acoustic interest encountered while out in the world. As we tend to carry our phones with us everywhere, the app has been a useful way to hold onto sounds when without my recorders and mics – which is, of course, much of the time.

I tend to make shorter captures with the app – though not always – and the ubiquity of mobile phone presence out in the world means that no-one pays a 2nd glance to someone standing looking at their handheld gadget and wearing headphones.

My assumption is that their assumption is I’m listening to music rather than recording a bloke throwing bottles into the back of a truck or the mundane sound of travelling on public transport.

So, this composition is comprised only of sounds captured using my iPhones and RodeRec. There is no time smearing or much in the way of filters or effects, just some selective layering to create textural and narrative interest…