release date: 24 may 2022
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In a vague tangential way,
this composition began
in consideration of the beautiful aural strategies
of the great French experimental composer
Eliane Radigue.

We begin in everyday life
on temple grounds in Kyoto, 2014 –
the distinctive sounds of Japanese birds
and people chatting.

from somewhere
that is nowhere
drifting low liquid tones and
thin high threads
like notes of a glass harmonica
tease for attention
a passenger jet doppler shifts
crossing the sky

electromagnetic frequencies gathered
with a special microphone
that hears and transfers silent emanations…
here, from an art school printing machine

pulses of prepared piano
drop a name
full of ideas
into mind

insect-like voices of electronic synthesis
call from the digital undertow

broken bass rumbles fold in
a drooping rhythm

a distant machine turns

art students consider
their morning creations
algorithms wrestle recordings
slow-stretch, speed-press

stochastic stutter stitches time
built from a simple recording
of a simple kinetic sculpture

stochastic stutter stitches time
built from a simple recording
of drawing circles
one after another after another after another

in conclusion
on the there and then
of a suburban banal
a day like many others
buildings being built
or being torn down
urban birds
the wind in the trees…

over time
out of time
falling into time