release date: 14 February 2023
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This composition is built from various new recordings of encounters with insects and birds, wind-song through a crack in a remote rural building, a temporary sonic-kinetic sculpture made from tins and boxes, a quartz pebble bounced around on an old steel dustpan and tapping antique porcelain plates, all wound together with outputs from various synthesisers.

With many of the small digital audio generators I’ve bought over the past few years, it’s close to impossible to replicate specific sounds because once the device is switched off, many or all of the internal settings of the session are lost. On power-up the electronics are refreshed and each new combination of dial settings, cables, inputs to outputs and so on creates a new sonic field unique to the moment of its generation.

I quite like this surrender of control. It ensures a degree of non-attachment and respect for the moment of making, for the valuing of process over product.

As ever, this new composition is offered for listening with full, wavering or minimal attention. It’s intended as a contribution, strange and unusual, to the ambient sensory environment of your studio, home, travel or workspace and as food, fuel or grit in the oyster of your creative inner life.