release date: 10 may 2022
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Vespertine wandering
out with my recorder
in a nearby park,
autumn turning to winter
people riding bicycles
playing basketball and tennis
walking dogs
walking home
going out…

in with my recorder and contact mics
the apartment studio
capturing sounds
dropping fragments of cutup aluminium cans
tapping shards of a favourite big red ceramic bowl,
accidentally smashed
activating spring steel street sweeper bristles
found lying on the street
building ad hoc sound machines with a turntable,
post-consumer containers, balls and objects
teasing electronic sounds
from handheld bastl kastle,
pocket operator and
artiphon synthesisers…

little corella parrots calling
bells ringing at a nearby greek orthodox church
gathering materials to digitally build
the sonic experience about to unfold…
not music, not documentary, not film score
a kind of poetry
drawings with sound and time

an artists everyday work