release date: 07 june 2022
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the composition you may be about to listen to, in whole or in part, coheres around, arises from a dip into the semantics of the adjective ‘strange’, a common enough word deriving from the Latin extraneus, meaning foreign, external, unmet

anomalous phenomena

estrange (“to alienate the affections or confidence of”).

is it strange to ‘ask’ an online software system to conjure a melodic rendering of lyrics drawn from a wikipedia entry about quantum electrodynamics, such as ‘strangeness is an excited state of matter’ ?

or strange to discover a plaintive rhythmic falsetto note singing in the hyper-stretched time of an electromagnetic frequency recording of a rural farm power board?

a familiar, even banal or over-used word, strange implies that a thing or being, effect or cause is unknown, unexplained or inexplicable, unfamiliar, unusual: not heard, seen, felt, touched, encountered before

strange things may make one uncomfortable, embarrassed, afraid, anxious, surprised, intrigued.

but strange things are not necessarily benignly unfamiliar – our sense of the strange is perhaps a psychological mechanism of protection, causing a pausing, a moment by of assessment, a cautionary withdrawal to consider and weigh the balance of our perceptions, existing knowledge and prior similarities and decide how to encounter the unknown suddenly before us…

and the strange fades into the familiar with exposure, becoming background to subsequent challenges of perception and experience

in the field of quantum electrodynamics, strangeness is an excited state of matter and a terminology coopted from everyday use to assist in the descriptive understanding of seemingly impossible

strangeness is
an excited state
of matter

strange particles
the quantum number
of strangeness
to zero

the quantum number
can be hidden
in a strange/
anti-strange pair

for example
the mu meson

strange quarks
are found
in subatomic particles
called hadrons

containing strange quarks
strange D mesons
sigma baryons
and other

the decay
of the positive kaon
the conservation
of strangeness

strangeness is
an exciting state
of mind