release date: 20 december 2022
listen to episode 71 on soundcloud

This new composition is a structuring of recent audio recordings made on national park field trips using hydrophones, contact mics and my trusty Tascam digital recorders mingled with home-studio noodlings with modular synthesisers, home-made instruments and iPad apps.

At play in this sonified space of cinematic suggestion, sounds of sub-aquatic arthropods segue with unpredictable meanderings of the SOMA Cosmos ‘drifting memory station’ as it floats samples of a music box transcription I made of melodic phrases from John Cage’s 1948 ‘In A Landscape’; a thunderstorm catches a Thai family off-guard in the street; a small rotating sculpture knocks persistently at the edges of the sound field while, on a moonless night, frogs and crickets sing the cool night air as the farm’s labourers slumber…

I hope you find this new sonic assemblage of imaginative interest.