release date: 7 November 2023
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Over decades of field recording, I’ve grown to increasingly appreciate and utilise incidental sounds made between or around an intended sound capture. For example, walking across the dried-out forbs and grasses of a drought-effected wetland to follow a large flock of tiny red-breasted finches moving on wing in clouds of synchronous sparkle between patches of seeding grasses on the edge of a forested hill on a warm morning in early summer.     

[ Pushing against an impulse ingrained during analogue times when cassette tape capture time limits demanded economy, I often keep the recorder running while relocating or resetting.]    

This episode presents a pair of new sonic sketches connected by that sound of walking. Each sketch incorporates a machine rhythm constant – one a drawing machine, the other an experimental instrument I built on a small modified turntable in which pingpong balls roll in an octagonal box and bounce off symmetrically fixed aluminium barriers.     

Surrounding these slow core flows, electronic and digital waveforms drone and drift, twist and twine, crackle and decay.     

Music to my ears and perhaps to yours also…