release date: 21 september 2021
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This weeks composition is another generative foray into the archive, built from a selection of my field and studio recordings.

The field recordings include water dripping from the gutters of a remote farmhouse outbuilding after a passing storm at 3am; late-night frogs in the forest at Eyrie Park, Bundanon; heavy rain drumming the metal skin of my car, pulled up on a bush track; hydrophone recordings of a hill creek rushing with stormwater; and the conversations and song of dozens of birds on bidjigal country, north-west of Sydney, on a warm afternoon, the native avian music thats been sounded there for thousands of millennia, long before any human presence – and which, almost miraculously, can still be experienced there today.

The studio recordings are of ad-hoc sonic-kinetic assemblages of tins, bottles, and boxes with seeds, balls and objects inside, all tied together with string and rubber-bands and fixed to modified turntables – my aleatoric ensembles. Plus a couple of outputs from various of my small electronic generators.

These diverse sources have been shaped into a slowly evolving exploration of sonic atmospheres and suggestion, wandering the spaces of imaginative provocation that connect writer to reader, artist to spectator, composer to listener.