release date: 27 july 2021
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This weeks episode is made in the fifth consecutive week of a fairly restrictive COVID19 lockdown here in Sydney and I made the program where I live in a small apartment in Redfern, on gadigal country.

Wondering if and when I might ever be able to visit Japan again, I built this new composition with excerpts from field recordings on a retired iMac I have at home; recordings I made in and around Kyoto on visits in 2014 and 2015.

I listen to playlists from my field recordings in my studio while working, letting the recordings play in their entirety, each track usually around 20 minutes. In my podcast compositions, I intuitively sequence, mix, effect and filter excepts from the recordings to create a kind of sonic dérive, a wandering listening through encounters and ambiences entangled by poetic association…